Welcome to MET-NET

MET-NET is a distributed measurement system, suitable for remote and inaccessible locations, remotely monitored and controlled, using high-end measuring units with significant measuring capabilities and resistant to electrical and environmental hazards. The distinctive characteristics are flexibility, ease of installation, accuracy, extended ranges in frequency and amplitude, safe storage of data both locally and remotely, real-time communication.

Why Choose MET-NET ?

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    Networked, distributed, remotely controlled

    TCP/IP oriented, hierarchical architecture (LAN hosted by a Hub including a Local Server, Internet routing, mobile units connected to a cellular service provider)

    Multiple backups: on-board the PQMU, on the Local Server (optional), on the Central Server

    Monitor & control: computer with adequate authorization connected through Internet or directly to the LAN Hub; savings in terms of time and logistics; remote diagnostics, remote upgrade of resident software, remote troubleshooting and customer assistance

    Real-time display of the geographical location with GPS information

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    Fixed and moving locations, wired and wireless

    Ethernet, USB, RS232, RS485, Profibus (optional), CANbus (optional), Modbus (optional)


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    High metrological performance

    14/16/18 bit versions, up to 1 MSa/s per channel, 1/10/100/1000 gain settings, low distortion (lower than -85 dBc), low noise, up to 16 channels in a single unit, unlimited number of units possible

    Low sensitivity to temperature

    Time synchronization: GPS, IEEE 1588 PTP protocol, Internet NTP protocol

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    Robust, reliable, autonomous

    Redundant battery supply, easily recharged with 10-30 V dc input, long battery mission time (from days to weeks), Power over Ethernet version available

    IP 67 and IP 68, water resistant, sealed PVC enclosure, shock & vibration resistant, outdoor use

    Can be interfaced directly through voltage and current inputs, up to 700 Vrms or 1000 Vdc, and 35/70/140 Arms or 50/100/200 Adc, respectively; external probes (Rogowski, voltage divider, voltage and current transformers) can be connected to the same voltage inputs

    All inputs galvanically isolated, voltage insulation 2500 Vrms


Project partners

  • TAU Logic - Information Tecnology and Automation, www.taulogic.it

    A small italian company, based in Genoa, TAU LOGIC designs and develops software for industrial automation and services, providing comprehensive "all inclusive" solutions and specific consulting service.

    University of Genoa, diten.unige.it

    The Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Naval Architecture Department (DITEN) is a division of the University of Genoa with the objectives, aims, rights and duties of a public entity. DITEN carries out educational activities as well as scientific activities, by promoting and supporting research work conducted by our teaching staff. Multidisciplinarity is key to all activities of our Department, through the promotion of cross-disciplinary research topics and projects.